Paisley TeachMeet - 6th June



TeachMeet Lanarkshire, 22 May, hosted by New College Lanarkshire and supported by College Development Network



Date: 6th June 2019

Fujitsu Innovation Hub (D132)

University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus
Paisley, PA1 2BE


(Just come along to the main reception (accessible from High St.) and there will be directions from there - image below is of the main reception building - if driving please enter from Lady Lane entrance)

Link to Google Maps
Time: 16:30 – 18:30 
Audience: Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Training Providers (not limited to University of the West of Scotland staff)
Perks: Food and (non-alcoholic) drink!
Twitter: #TMScot





Welcome to our first Paisley TeachMeet event – bringing educators together in an organised, but informal, setting to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching and learning. The event is being hosted and run by University of the West of Scotland with support from College Development Network.


cute illustration of humanoid robot

The theme for this Meet is ‘Sharing Stories’, not aligned to a specific subject area or level, just an invitation to talk about anything you’ve seen/experienced that works well (or perhaps doesn’t). You might just have a question that you’d like to ask, or something that you’d like some feedback on. In any case, it's an opportunity to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere.


(Don’t be phased by the robot … s/he's just there to up the 'cute' factor; quite a few of the presentations involve EdTech, but we cover a range of educational topics)


If this is your first time attending a ‘TeachMeet’, then first of all, thanks for joining us! TeachMeets are pretty informal affairs, although there is an element of organisation (choosing a date, finding a venue, and arranging for some refreshments), the content of the Meet is really determined by those who are attending.


View of New College Lanarkshire, Motherwell Campus


There are basically 3 options to consider if you want to come along:



On the day, we’ll spin a (virtual) wheel and invite people to share in a random order. We’re pretty strict on time (there’s probably going to be an annoying buzzer), so make sure you choose an appropriate slot for your presentation.


Okay – so if you have all of that, just sign up below and we'll look forward to seeing you on the 6th!





Click here to complete the sign-up form (if you supply your email address, we can keep you posted about the event)  or click on the 'EDIT' tab at the top of the screen to edit this page yourself (you will need to create an account on PBworks for this and then request access; we'll be checking for requests and authorising as often as possible).




7-Minute Presentation 

(add your name & presentation title below)



Name Twitter Presentation Institution
Kenji Lamb @kenjilamb  App in 7(ish) Minutes College Development Network
Suzy Houston
@suzehouston  Why I love(d) Padlet  HLS, UWS 
Joe Wilson  @joecar  National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland free digital skills   City of Glasgow College 
James MacNee    Using SurveyMonkey as a Moodle Feedback alternative and integrating SurveyMonkey with Moodle  West College Scotland 
George Milliken  @ictcrowd  Digital Literacy   Education Scotland 
Claire Mackie  @crmackie  Lumen5: from text to video in (under) seven minutes  UWS 





2-Minute Presentation

(add your name & presentation title below)



Name Twitter Presentation Institution
Kenji Lamb @kenjilamb Capturing Science College Development Network
Melissa Markle
@papercrane0  Microsoft Power Apps: easy app creation  CEPS UWS 
Gordon Heggie  @gorheg  CertHE Digital Learning Design   Ed Futures, UWS 
Angela Tinney  @angelatinney  MS Whiteboard Ed Futures, UWS 
Lee Ballantyne  @lee_ballantyne  Fujitsu CoDE  Ed Futures, UWS 
Angela Tinney  @angelatinney  GoPro Quik  Ed Futures, UWS  
Tracy Leavy/Alan Findlay    MADE: Collaborative Barber Training   MADE: The Academy for Modern Barbering  
Santiago Matalonga  @santimatalonga  Clickers and Fast Feedback in the Classroom  UWS 





Just here for the food and good company!

(add your name and institution below)



Name Twitter Institution
Kevan Scade
  Ayrshire College 
Mhairi Boyd    Ayrshire College  
Kerry Bamber    City & Guilds 
Emma Hanna    West College Scotland 
Scott Chase    Independent Researcher 

Jacqueline Duncan

  South Lanarkshire College 















Adding students into the mix …


Steven Leonard


Eric Davies